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Temperature Setting

Setting correct temperature is crucial for nice output and smooth operation of printer.

factors which can affect correct temperature are:

  • extruder (manufacturer)
  • filament type (ABS, PLA, PET..) and diameter (1.75/3 mm)
  • manufacturer
  • color of filament (sometimes different color of one manufacturer may vary)

As a good “first shot” setting temperature to filament manufacturer prescribed value is not a bad idea. I ussualy start with values published by Prusa here , except highest temperature which i ussualy dont set extruder temperature above 260 °C cause of construction limitation of our reprap printers.

Feel free to vary temperature if first time you don't get ideal result, experimental data is crutial!

malfunctioning affected by temperature

low bed temperature → model doesn't stick on bed, can be caused also by bad bed preparation or bad Z-axis calibration filament jamming (brushed from extruder drive) → can be caused by low temperature, but also by speed of printing or it could be caused by filament quality

confirmed experimental settings

Drevena - PLA - bed 55 °C, extruder - 190+ °C - used on transparent red and non-transparent black PLA, both with sucess, lower bed temperature may result into problems with adhesion of filament to bed.

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