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The aim of this project is to create a Tron-like game (it's basically a multiplayer snake game), where each player is carrying GPS-enabled client device capable of Internet access (typically a smartphone) and moves around the city. Client device tracks his movement and reports it to a server. The server collects location data from all clients and distributes coordinates of other players to them. Crashing into another player's trail means game over for you. Winner is the last player, who stays alive.


  • Design a communication protocol between client and server [IN PROGRESS]
  • Write server-side software [NOT DONE]
  • Write client-side software for Android [IN PROGRESS]
    • Design some fancy user-friendly GUI [NOT DONE]
    • Write client-side software for other mobile platforms (Maemo, Symbian, iPhone, …) [NOT DONE]
  • Get some testers willing to put forth some physical effort :-) [NOT DONE]

Augmented reality

  • (added by stick)
  • we can use augmented reality for clients
  • we can have two modes:
    • tronbike (where each player has trails of his own color)
    • naynbike (where each player has rainbow trail and nyan cat song is played loudly from the phone speakers :D)


Collision detection

There are two main types of environment:

City map

  • Can be represented by a graph
  • Possible use of OSM data

Open space

  • Can be represented by a bitmap
  • Not suitable for areas with map available, because of higher memory requirements
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