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Právní poznámka (CZ): Všechny případné dary budou primárně použité k naplnění hlavních účelů spolku.
Legal note (EN): All possible donations will be primarily used to fulfill the main purposes of the association.

Wire transfer

We have a Fio bank account. You can transfer money in the following ways:

  • CZK transfers: 2500079551/2010 (PREFERRED)
    • IBAN CZ0520100000002500079551 BIC FIOBCZPPXXX
  • EUR transfers: 2100079552/2010
    • IBAN CZ9320100000002100079552 BIC FIOBCZPPXXX
  • USD transfers: 2900079550/2010
    • IBAN CZ1420100000002900079550 BIC FIOBCZPPXXX

(If you are a member paying monthly fees, use your numeric user id as variable symbol and specific symbol 1. If you want to give a tax-deducible donation, please use specific symbol 2 and contact us at for a receipt.)

If you are using a revolut, you can find a guide how to specify a variable symbol (VS) here:

You can check your member account balance at


We accept bitcoins at the following address: 1BRMLAB7nryYgFGrG8x9SYaokb8r2ZwAsX


Brmlab muzete podporit i pri vasem nakupovani v internetovych e-shopech pomoci

Brmlab na


To donate physical stuff, please contact


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