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founder: niekt0
depends on:
interested: specz,sumie-dh
software license:
hardware license:

~~META: status = active ~~

The climate chamber

  • Karl Weiss Giessen Germany
  • Typ: 80/80-180DW
  • Fabr.-Nr: 3717
  • Built: 1975
  • 220V/16A/50Hz

FIXME foto_of_machine

 ===== Documentation =====

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FIXME quick howto:

  • Takes time before real cooling starts
  • After using chamber for temperatures bellow zero, always set temperature to cca 25-30 degrees for a while (20 minutes?), to get rid of the hummidity in the machine
  • Always keep at least 15 minutes between 2 uses of the climatic chamber. The compresors should fail to start anyway.
The fan rotating inside the chamber is currently not covered by any protection. Take extra care, when manipulating with things inside the chamber.
Do not operate alone, always ask niekt0 or specz before use.
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