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Goals of the Project

  • hakc teh pla.net
  • improve our háčking skills
  • phun for members of our hackerspace and members of other hackerspaces, also for visitors of our space

Wargames (team)

“Capture the Flag (CTF) is a computer security wargame. Each team is given a machine (or small network) to defend on an isolated network. Teams are scored on both their success in defending their assigned machine and on their success in attacking other team's machines. Depending on the nature of the particular CTF game, teams may either be attempting to take an opponent's flag from their machine or teams may be attempting to plant their own flag on their opponent's machine.” – Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capture_the_flag#Computer_security

Vulnerable servers


Available challenges



IP (internal DNS name ctf.war) runs server with CTF challenge (capture the flag). Everybody should start at level00. Your task is to get the password to the higher level (level01, etc.). More information in /home/level00/README

Please, do not publish solutions to the levels! Keep it to yourself and let others enjoy competition same as you've did.

Currently CTF has 8 functional levels. More info on or http://ctf.war/ (within LAN)

ssh level00@nat.brmlab.cz -p 2000 -v
password: brmlab



IP runs server with Oracle database. Can you hack it?


IP has Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA) installed and configured. Use login 'admin' with password 'password'. After logging in, read the instructions

user: admin
pass: password


Other service available is at which has OWASP WebGoat Project (WebGoat) installed and configured.


Similar public projects


Internal setup info (only for brmlab members)

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