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Auto-aiming turret

kill 'em all
founder: harvie
depends on:
interested: lexik
software license:
hardware license:

~~META: status = planned &relation firstimage = :project:crosshair-cs.jpg ~~

Automatic (paintball|airsoft|9 luger) turret with motion detection or body recognition made to shoot everyone directly in heart.



  • Arduino (i have one) or something similar
  • Cheap webcam
  • Servo (we can hack together some simple mechanism to drive our own motor)
  • Some gun or small water pump or air compressor to squirt water :-)
    • Maybe we can get some small pump in hobbymarket… eg.: Air compressors can be found at aquarists/petmarket.
    • We probably can't use compressor to pump water directly (well we can try it…), but we can pump the air to bottle with water, which will make water squirt out through some outtake…


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