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Hacking photons

Hacking photons
founder: egg
depends on:
interested: keram
software license:
hardware license:

The aim of this project is to explore the quantum communication and computing, especially quantum cryptography.


  1. To design and build a DIY platform for single photon emission and detection; as cheap and simple as possible
  2. Photon polarization control and measurements
  3. Demonstrating as much as can be done with the hardware: true quantum level pseudo-random number generator, quantum secured communication, error correction codes, …
  4. Spotting, exploiting and patching hardware vulnerabilities
  5. Finding security bugs and vulnerabilities in quantum physics and patching the universe


“Will argue about particle-wave duality for food.”txrxlabs

Status and Roadmap

  • Status: The founder has left hackerspace, the project is available for adoption.
  • TODO: Realistic project proposal

Proposed hardware



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