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founder: sargon
depends on:
interested: ruza
software license:
hardware license:

~~META: status = finished ~~

“just another Arduino clone”

Goals of this project

  • learn more advanced electronics developement
  • try to build own HW kit for our Arduino workshop's
  • take out ftdi chip from mother board

Some story around this project

many of our members and friends are using arduino for building many nice projects but we are not satisfied with price of “full” arduino boards

So I have idea to make arduino without ftdi chip on board and make boards itself cheaper

During development of this boards we recieved lot of questions about organizing arduino workshops for beginners


FT-232 board with ftdi-cable compatible pinout

Brmduino schematics


ftdi board :

brmduino board:

whole kit :

Electronics overview and summary

Processor : atmega168 ( in future atmega 328 , distributor have lack of those :-/ ) Power supply : direct from USB or from linear stabilizers ( switchable with jumper) Speed : 16 MHz


  • fully arduino compattible pinout
  • simple programmer connection
  • price :)


  • missing ICD header ( design issue )
  • no 3.3V output from board ( whole board is pure 5V logic)
  • external powersource header pin is not connected

I personally think that for beginners is this board highly sufficient

HowTo Configure Arduino software

  • install and start Arduino software
  • Depending on CPU variant you've received configure your software ( Tools→Board→ATmega 328 )

Availability and prices


stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 19200 hupcl


here is some interesting links for FTDI and arduino …

Programming AVR's **Bootloader** with FTDI board

Brmduino in the wild

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