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The aim of this project is to connect a small matrix printer to our twitter account. Every tweet containing the string “brmlab” will be printed and the distinct sound will announce it! We can add some LEDs too for effect.

It is called microprinter because it is connected to a microblogging service and it is small.

We'll need an old matrix printer ideally from an old POS Checkout, but any old matrix printer will do (the smaller the cuter, though ;-)).



  1. Get an old working POS matrix printer
  2. Deliver POS to BrmLab
  3. Debug HW Interface (RS-232C over Cannon 25 connector)
  4. Create print access layer
  5. Create twitter parse layer
  6. Connect two above steps together
  7. Testing
  8. Finish

Project is now installed in /opt/microprinter/microprinter Requires Python 2.6 and Python module Twython (Twitter Python lib) Created service /etc/init.d/microprinter

start using:

      sargon@sargon# service microprinter {start|stop}

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