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founder: ruza
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interested: maxfx
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AIX is an open operating system from IBM that is based on a version of UNIX. AIX/ESA was designed for IBM's System/390 or large server hardware platform. AIX/6000 is an operating system that runs on IBM's workstation platform, the RISC System/6000.

AIX Structure

The generality and portability of the UNIX system are achieved at some cost in optimum use of the underlying hardware. We had decided to start with the UNIX system as a base. In view of our requirements, however, we were faced with the question of how best to provide the required enhancements. Two strategies could be followed. One was to rewrite the entire kernel. Although theoretically possible, because of the amount of UNIX knowledge available in IBM at the time, it was unlikely that such an approach would achieve upward compatibility with the standard UNIX system. The other was to provide a set of software services for the kernel and modify the kernel and other functions to exploit the facilities provided by that layer.

Hands on

For the members interested in hands on experience we have an IBM 7043-150 (PowerPC) machine running AIX 5.3 on 32 bit multiprocessor kernel (unix_mp).

Hardware: IBM 7043-150
Architecture: PowerPC
Techlology level: 5300-12 at 10/2016)
hostname: aix.brm

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brmlan: ssh aix.brm -l root
IPv4: ssh -4 root@ -p 2202
IPv6: ssh -6 root@[2001:67c:2190:c0de::a18] -p 22

If You are interested to get access to this machine ask ruza.


[/] prtconf
System Model: IBM,7043-150
Machine Serial Number: 44B2DBA
Processor Type: PowerPC_604e
Processor Implementation Mode: POWER 604
Processor Version: PV_604
Number Of Processors: 1
Processor Clock Speed: 375 MHz
CPU Type: 32-bit
Kernel Type: 32-bit
LPAR Info: -1 NULL
Memory Size: 1024 MB
Good Memory Size: 1024 MB
Platform Firmware level: Not Available
Firmware Version: IBM,TCP09267
Console Login: enable
Auto Restart: true
Full Core: true
Network Information
        Host Name: aix
        IP Address: 2001\\:67c\\:2190\\:c0de\\:\\:a18
        Sub Netmask:
        Name Server:
        Domain Name:
Paging Space Information
        Total Paging Space: 512MB
        Percent Used: 1%
Volume Groups Information
Active VGs
hdisk0   active    542        475       83..97..100..88..107
hdisk1   active    8750       7628      1750..1092..1286..1750..1750

The following resources are installed on the machine.
+/- = Added or deleted from Resource List.
*   = Diagnostic support not available.
  Model Architecture: Unknown
  Model Implementation: Uni-Processor, 
+ sys0                    System Object
+ sysplanar0              System Planar
* pci0        P1          PCI Bus
* isa0        P1          ISA Bus
+ fda0        P1/D1       Standard I/O Diskette Adapter
* siokma0     P1/K1       Keyboard/Mouse Adapter
+ sioka0      P1/K1       Keyboard Adapter
+ sioma0      P1/K1       Mouse Adapter
+ siota0      P1/Q1       Tablet Adapter
+ paud0       P1/Q2       Ultimedia Integrated Audio
+ ppa0        P1/R1       CHRP IEEE1284 (ECP) Parallel Port Adapter
+ sa0         P1/S1       Standard I/O Serial Port
+ tty0        P1/S1-L0    Asynchronous Terminal
+ sa1         P1/S2       Standard I/O Serial Port
+ ent0        P1/E1       IBM 10/100 Mbps Ethernet PCI Adapter (23100020)
+ scsi0       P1/Z1       Wide/Fast-20 SCSI I/O Controller
+ hdisk0      P1/Z1-A0    16 Bit SCSI Disk Drive (9100 MB)
+ hdisk1      P1/Z1-A2    Other SCSI Disk Drive
+ cd0         P1/Z1-A3    SCSI Multimedia CD-ROM Drive (650 MB)
+ rmt0        P1/Z1-A5    SCSI 4mm Tape Drive (12000 MB)
* pci1        P1.1-I2     PCI Bus
+ lai0        P1.1-I2/G1  GXT135P Graphics Adapter
* pci2        P1.1        PCI Bus
+ ent1        P1.1-I1/E1  IBM 10/100 Mbps Ethernet PCI Adapter (23100020)
+ scsi1       P1.1-I5/Z1  Wide/Fast-20 SCSI I/O Controller
+ L2cache0                L2 Cache
+ mem0                    Memory
+ proc0       P1-C1       Processor

Misc notes

  • Depending on the value of Multiboot in SMS menu machine will boot in according to boot list or (if Multiboot=ON) will boot into SMS menu.
  • RSPC stands for “RISC System PC
  • in case you've to reinstall an OS and boot without PS/2 mouse connected, you will probably have problems finishing installation in the “Configuration assistant” that is normally a GUI application. To navigate through GUI dialogues use:
    • Tab key to move focus
    • Space key to click (not Enter as you might presume)


  • 10/2013 - 3x RAM “IBM 256MB 43P 150 Memory 7043 RS6000 RS/6000 RISC 4169” purchased by ruza for 73 USD (3*10+43(shipping)) via eBay, thus RAM upgraded to 1GB

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