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The goal of this project is to save everyone's time on expense of anonymous brmlab user during dishwashing.

Principes of operation

The usage is very easy:

  • Pick clean stuff
  • Put used stuff like dish, spoon and so into kitchen's sink
  • If overflow, put it on wood table next to sinks
  • Deny, postpone or forward any wash requests
  • ???
  • Next time you shall see stuff clean again

Mathematical background

Standard manipulation

Let the wash time requirement for one dish piece be (suppose the user washes his used stuff ASAP):

where is the time requirement for stanfard method, the is time needed to get hot water, time needed for washing the stuff itself and is for drying hands.

Brmwash way

Let the wash time requirement for full sink be

where is the time requirement for brmwash method, the is time needed to get hot water, is amount of stuff in sinks, is time needed to wash -th piece and is for drying hands.


The difference can be evaluated as:

thus the time saving is:

Achieved results

Thanks to significant time savings for all brmlab users, the new method has been widely accepted as new common modus operandi. Two obstacles has been identified - the sink is not infinite, thus the time savings are limited by size of the sinks. Second problem is that the particular savings are withdrawn by time of one moreless unknown user who takes the performs the dishwashing.


This project speed-up and improved quality of brmlab hacks since the brmlab members have more time to work without taking care of dishwashing.

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