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Laser Rangefinder

Laser Rangefinder
founder: nephirus
depends on:
interested: -
software license: -
hardware license: -

~~META: status = suspended &relation firstimage = :project:laser_rangefinder:laser.jpg ~~

Aim of this project is to build a low-cost and reliable distance sensor. Commercial devices are either unreliable (Sharp IR distance sensors, SRFxx ultrasonic rangefinders) or way too expensive (SICK / Hokuyo devices).

Basic idea is described in [1].


  • Find suitable cheap CMOS sensor and optics [TODO]
  • Find suitable laser module [TODO]
  • Make stationary mounting frame [TODO]
  • Design DSP circuit for fast image processing [TODO]
  • Make rotary platform for 360° planar scanning [TODO]
  • Use in robots! [TODO]


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