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Experimental TETRAPOL receiver and decoder. It can decode metadata and there is a very ugly hack for decoding audio.

Metadata are available on both unencrypted and encrypted networks, audio only on unencrypted networks.

There is no support for encryption - we cannot decrypt the traffic even if you know the key. The encryption algorithm is not known and we would really like to see it and its cryptanalysis. We are trying to reverse-engineer it from hardware implementation, but with no success so far. If you have any information that might help us, let us know.

Audio codec is a work-in-progress and requires a lot of reverse engineering.

The software is under heavy development, do not expect anything user-friendly. Be prepared to spend a night or more only to get it working. Some Linux, C, Python and DSP skills are necessary.

Mailinglist: Join | archive

Repository: TETRAPOL-kit

Voice codec: RP-CELP

Specifications: TETRAPOL specifications download


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