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Modular radiation detector

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founder: Ray Gygal
depends on:
interested: Gygal
software license: Ray
hardware license: Ray Trimen

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The main idea of this project is modular system of radiation detector based on ATmega168/328 which can be used in various applications like DoorMonitoring or portable mount on bike or anywhere YOU need to measure radiation.

Completed variants

1. Compact use with in-build detection tube and external display

 foto1 This is first prototype of module desinget for small student satelite.

2. Door monitor with external tubes STS-6,display and loud alarm :)

 foto2 This device is used for continues long-time radiation measure on wall next to BrmDoor. Inside is two slots for STS-6 tube. As output is used small ShiftLCD display and serial port connectet to RaspberryPi mounted on BrmDoor. Device have also radiation alarm, when level of radiation reach limit, device make loud sound signal but for better sensitivity we need another STS-6 tube FIXME.

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