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Secure Storage

Secure Storage
founder: pasky
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We found our the hard way that for keeping expensive stuff in brmlab (be it stored parts, shared equipment or personal stuff), some sort of physical security is required. This may mean lockpads, lockers, limited access to some areas, monitoring of theft by camera recordings, etc. This page aims to summarize options you have for securing precious things at brmlab, and coordinate efforts to make these options a reality.

The current consensus is that global video surveillance of brmlab rooms is a no-no, but monitored storage space shall be available in the storage room (sklad). Members currently have three options:

  • For easy-to-carry-away + expensive shared equipment and items tracked in the storage inventory, use the designated area of the storage room (sklad) that is recorded by two cameras.
  • For equipment that it is impractical to stash away and obvious if missing (e.g. the projector), lock it to something very hard to carry away (pipes, tables, …).
  • For personal stuff of potentially high value, get/use lockable drawers.

Volunteers needed to help make this a reality.

Monitored Storage Room


  • Clearly marked as under surveillance.
  • Recorded by two cameras (each from different angle). High resolution to be able to determine person + what's carried away, if needed.
  • Physical hardening for the cameras themselves.
  • Mark monitored shelves by e.g. bright yellow tape.

Other questions:

  • What cameras to buy?
  • How to harden the cameras so that a thief can't simply disable them first?
  • Detailed policy regarding the access to recordings. (Consensus: Council members will decide and delegate. Access allowed only on incidents.)

Cameras: Tested infrared camera with motion detection, HD resolution and 32 GB flash card can be bought for less than 4000 czk, for example

Should be enough for cca 30 days of activity.

SD card vs. Network storage

SD card:

  • + no risk of recording compromise by digital means, clear indication of unauthorized access (broken seal)
  • - possible to steal all recordings during theft (can we build an enclosure that's sturdy enough?)
  • - not easy to notice if the camera has been compromised for long time (blinded, turned off, SD card removed, simply out of focus, …)

Network storage:

  • + traces of IRL theft cannot be removed during that theft once it's been recorded
  • + easy to verify quickly whether recording is still working as expected
  • - need to secure the recording digitally

Locked Equpiment

What works and what doesn't?

  • Kensington locks; mass buy?
  • Bicycle locks? Bicycle store at Nabr. Kpt. Jarose…

Lockable Drawers


Some people want to protect their personal stuff, i.e. not happy with just putting stuff to a club mate box. Everyone could come up with their own solution, or we can go with something like a block of drawers on the right.

Then, it may be best to require extra monthly payment to regulate usage; we may then extend it with digital lock control or something like that later.

  • - A lot of lockipckers in brmlab, secure locks are quite expensive
  • - Stuff cannot be used “on demand”, even if owner agree ⇒ not practival
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