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Drevena REPRAP printer

Current status: <font inherit/inherit;;#FF0000;;inherit>Printer is under maintenance</font>

What to do wtf status
fix belt positionadd more pads between belt holder and heatbedhackit!
replace extruderreprint missing parts and install ithackit!
increase extruder stabilityinsert steel sheet sebetween extruder and X axis.hackit!
fix extruder cable positionWhen extruder is dismounted, is possible manage cables from bottom side to back.hackit!
fix Z axis endstopreplace gluehackit!
fix Y axis endstopreplace silicon with holderhackit!
fix X axis endstopcreate end pad on extruder, move endstop to propper distance. (and fix wires…!!)hackit!
identify account managementFind logins and other acces codes to octoprint :Dhackit!

Drevena means “wooden” in czech. It's name came from main frame of the printer which is wooden. Drevena is located in HWlab on table which is smooth and stable. It's main advatage is in bigger bed compared to usual printers. After fixing few minor isues (tighten few screws, change worn groovemount by metal part) it gives nice print results.

* Slic3r config bundle for drevena printer.

Control board Specification

  • Main board - ATmega 1280
  • printer shield - unknown
  • controlled by RPI w Octoprint

HW specification


  • hotend - unknown
  • cooling fan included - it's connected on PC DC source.

possible/planned upgrades

  • fan for cooling of model - prevention of deformation in printing process
  • Z axis stopper holder
  • big glass plate under printer DONE8-) (both printers are now on really smooth surface)
  • better fixing of Z-axis screw rod - stepper conection (prevention of paranoia from slipping) DONE8-) (thx 2 ray)
  • imrpove whole extruder
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