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Project Montauk

Project Montauk
founder: blackhead
depends on:
interested: Brmlab
software license:
hardware license:

~~META: status = active &relation firstimage = :project:montauk:montauk.png ~~

[CZE] Doufam ze tu anglictinu prectete, nechce se mi to psat dvakrat. ;-)

[ENG] There is a huge pile of different stuff as a leftover from the last brm-cleanse after the lab rebuilding was finished. The last over-hyped shit-storm showed to us that there is a need for the revitalization of the old projects, but there are not many members to do a like.

First wave

I already went thru the pile of different things, either it is real trash, things which seemed valuable and may belong to somebody, or some of the earlier projects, or a useful piece of material. I picked up almost everything that I saw the value in. May it be I left there something else, something that would have the value for you. Please, do the same, do a search for such thing in the pile on the floor in the SocRoom (ahead of you standing at the door) while it's still there.

Everything I found, I put into one of the three BananaBoxes©, now placed in the storage shelf and holding the project signed label. Please, if you found any item in the pile, interesting for the Brmlab usage or even personally, put such item into one of those boxes.

Second wave

I will check every item in those boxes manually, taking a photo or two of every such item or group of them, building the visual list for all of you. The pictures will appear here, soon, each one labeled with some more or less descriptive text.


Third wave

You will be asked for acknowledgment. If the item is yours, or belong to your project, you will decide what to do with it. Every Brmlab member will be contacted, to get the answers. ;-)

Final wave (fight the level boss)

All the “now-known” respective owners will be asked to either re-stock the items to her/his own storage box, or reactivate the original project the stuff belongs to.

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