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MyxoBrm aneb HlenkoBrm

founder: blackhead
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interested: chido
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Members of the phylum Mycetozoa (“slime mold” in english) are strange organisms which are often considered a fungus by mistake. Now they are filed under the kingdom Amoebozoa. These are officially considered to become from outer space. They are realy tiny moving creatures. Some test had proven that they've got inteligence like other higher level animals which are living in great colonies too.
The class Myxomycetes (also called Myxogastria) forms a wide spread colony which in our sight may take few centimeters. But it counts milions of simple myxomycetes.

I like to study this lifeform and let it grow. It may become our little friend, the MyxoBrm. ;-)

What to do:

  • try find some Myxomycetes in real world and capture it
  • let us learn the conditions for successful myxomycetes life-supporting environment
  • make some basic test with separated parts of the colony
  • study the body of the colony with microscope
  • make some other weird tests with it
  • try not to hurt them at all

Hlenky (kmen Mycetozoa) jsou zvlastni organizmy, casto mylne povazovane za plisne. Ted jsou razeny do rise Amoebozoa. Oficialne se uvazuje o tom, ze na zemi prisly z vesmiru. Ve skutecnosti jsou to male pohybujici se potvurky. Nektere testy prokazaly ze hlenky maji vlastni inteligenci, jako nektere vyssi oragnismy, ktere take ziji ve velkych koloniich.
Hlenky se formuji do obrovskych kolonii, ktere z naseho pohledu zabiraji jen nekolik centimetru. Ale ve skutecnosti jsou to miliony jedincu.

Chtel bych tuto zivotni formu studovat a nechat ji rust. Treba nam z ni vyroste novy kamarad, nas HlenkoBrm. ;-)

Co a jak:

  • zkusit najit a nasbirat nejake hlenky v nasem okoli
  • naucit se jak vytvorit pro hlenky priznive zivotni prostredi
  • udelat na nekolika vzorcich kolonie ruzne testy
  • prohlidnout si je pod mikroskopem
  • udelat na nich par dalsich zajimavych testu
  • snazit se jim pokud mozno nijak neublizit

  • Na uzemi CR zopar druhov kmena Mycetozoa zije - su to vlhkomilne organizmy ktore mozno najst v lesoch na spadnutych kmenoch stromov, vlhkom listi atd. Prehlad na nasom uzemi zijucich zastupcov najdete v BioLib databaze.
  • chido sa osobne stretla s druhom Fuligo septica BioLib, v letnom obdobi by nemal byt problem nazbierat jedince tohto a pribuznych druhov.

edible slime molds that travel to hungry people

unsure of friendly kind communications protocol I support this research. here is a youtube video I made about engineering slime molds to travel to people as food. I honor as well as respect vegetarian perspectives on this though, I just figured maybe a nonsentient version or a “its like milk or eggs ” version could be developed so as to respect the try not to hurt them at all noted above
– EDIT: You know, once you call food, we have to develop “human” ways to kill them. But be avare - they can hear you! :-D


Life cycle(s)


Solving problems using Slime Mold

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Maybe we can use them to crack passwords :-)


The best hugs are probably from hagfish, which can extrude microscopic filaments that convert a huge volume of water around them to slime in seconds. Instant cozy blanket!


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