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Laser harp

Laser harp
founder: Nephirus
depends on:
interested: kxt
software license: -
hardware license: -

~~META: status = suspended &relation firstimage = :project:laser-harp.jpg ~~


Laser harp is a musical instument, that uses laser beams as an interface to player. Our goal is to build a fully functional open-frame laser harp with at least 8 beams.


Hardware consists of four main parts: laser, mirror, detector (an ordinary usb webcam should do the job) and DSP circuit.

There are two measured variables: angular displacement of mirror $\Delta \theta$ (fig. 1, B), which determines the beam that has been blocked, and distance $d$ between mirror (fig. 1, B) and hand (fig. 1, C).

A sound sample is assigned to each beam, distance $d$ determines intensity (volume) of the sound.

Figure 1 - side view

Figure 2 - top view


Pics and Videoze

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