Graffiti Research Lab

founder: harvie
depends on: laser projector
interested: pasky
software license:
hardware license:




We need:

  • Projector
    • BIG LCD projector (DIY from old LCD and turboboosted meotar?)
    • DIY monochromatic RGB Laser Projector using laser pointer and arduino (I am going to build one).
    • Guys from ASRG have BIG F*CKING scanning laser projector with vast resolution which is able to project on whole city distant few kilometers and which can burn things distant few meters. I am not sure if it's not overkill (we can't simply fire such power agains someones windows and it will interferre with laser pointer), but it can be awesome toy and i want us to play with it :-)
  • Laster pointer
  • Webcam
  • Notebook with appropriate software

G.R.L Sister Cell

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(Almost) Laser Graffiti:


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