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SOTA (State of the Art | Fest) is launching a hackathon to find solutions to the assistance of people affected by police violence in Belarus as well as people injured in the explosion in the sea port in August 2020 in Lebanon.

On August 12-13, the media published numerous testimonies of bullying of detainees during mass protests. More than 7,000 people have been arrested so far.

Who could participate

Developers, product managers, designers, analysts, small and medium business representatives and technology entrepreneurs can participate in the hackathon. There is no need to have a ready-made solution or product. You can participate as a team or individually (in this case, the organizers will place the participant in one of the teams based on the test results).

Hackathon topics

In the first stage of the hackathon, the teams will create solutions for one of the directions:

  • Platform for emergency psychological aid that will bring psychologists and medical students together to provide emergency psychological assistance to police terror victims and their relatives
  • Application with manuals on first aid
  • Platform for communication through Wifi/Bluetooth/Radio when GSM network is disconnected

Apply to the BelHack

Form is here:


1. DAY 15.08.20.

😃 Hi, I would like to share a prototype of a web application for remote “acute psychological help” with the mechanics of the two-way queue that I am trying to create in the BelHack hackathon, which was launched by real situations in Belarus after the election and in Lebanon after the port explosion. Many thousands of people found themselves in a desperate situation and were abused.

👩‍⚕️ The application brings together voluntary PSYCHOLOGISTS (and medical students) and APPLICANTS FOR EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE. 😿

Prototype https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbz2CgIeJ7ugDFDBeJ8rCGPRkpCQjRmT2DqFICZA6WcCxRxboKU/exec

👀 This may not be limited to psychological help, but also to online instructions on how to proceed with the injured person. The user of this application then the person who needs acute help immediately.

Technical details

#google_meet #google_spreadsheet #google_apps_script #google_chrome_extension

As the Database below runs a google spreadsheet, each line is then a record on a page containing a doctor's contacts and a link to a Google Meet. The PSYCHOLOGIST tab appears on the web page only if the attribute in the Status columns is set to Null. When someone joins the doctor.


By pressing the button “JOIN”, I will connect to meet, then I will be able to get support from specialists.

  • 👩‍⚕️ As a PSYCHOLOGIST:

I have to press the checkbox “READY TO HELP” and the button “UPDATE”, my status in the Spreadsheet changes and my Google Meet will show on the Main App Page. When someone is connect to me, I set my status “Help in progress” to hide my Translation from the Main Page.


  • Create spreadsheet
  • Create a spreadsheet script
  • Create View Page
  • Create a Chrome extension
  • Connect extension and spreadsheet script

Zname problemy / known bugs

  • CRUD in a spreadsheet → Create is ok
  • View dependency on model

UI/UX (ovladani)

  • na titulni strance neni videt zda jde o testovaci provoz
  • aplikace vyzaduje pristup ke kamere
  • na titulni strance neni moznost prepnout profil pod kterym pristupuji
  • chybi anonym rezim + volba jmena
  • prepinac jazyku na titulni strance texty jsou cesko/anglicky


List of specialists who are ready HELP BELARUSIANS FOR FREE (doctors, lawyers, etc.):


More than 100 psichologists online

10+ psichologists


Already in ZOOM:

Children paichologits:








Nurses Minsk:


HIV / AIDS infectious disease specialist


Endoscopist Brest



Therapist, cardiologist


Physician functional and ultrasound diagnostics


CHILDREN Neurologists:



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