OSS Crypto support

Open Source Crypto support group
founder: ruza
depends on:
interested: kxt
software license: open
hardware license: open

Aim of the project

  • privacy should be default not optional
  • to associate and motivate people to use cryptography proper way
  • fixing bugs that are preventing users use strong crypto, testing, bug reports
  • raise awareness on using Open Source software, cryptography solutions for everyday life
  • helping people communicate securely (user experience, compatibility)

How to save the world?

Common issues

  • make sure user is using proper cipher, key length and configuration, enable Forward secrecy if possible
  • found software/hardware with buggy implementation or missing support for proper setup

Call for specific help


  • Keysigning parties
  • Cryptoparty?
  • lightning talks on cryptography
    • GnuPG modern


Which Android mail client I should use?

Email client Crypto provider supported not supported
K-9 mail APG, OpenKeychain PGP/inline PGP/MIME
Kaiten mail APG PGP/inline PGP/MIME
Squeaky mail APG / PGP Keyring PGP/MIME
Maildroid Flipdog crypto plugin PGP/MIME, PGP/inline, S/MIME
r2mail2 internal PGP/MIME, PGP/inline, S/MIME
crypto provider exportable
APG yes
OpenKeychain yes
Flipdog plugin probably not
PGP Keyring yes
GNU privacy guard unable to do anything on Lollipop
(not compiled with PIE support)
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