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Brmlab is a non-profit organization that lives solely on membership fees and occasional gifts. We have to pay rent, various administration fees, cover costs of running the space, infrastructure and small repairs, etc. The rest of the money is spent on equipment and parts for the most active projects.

All financial decisions are made in the open; the democratically elected council has the executive authority and administers minor or regular expenses, while major expenses are discussed on our regular meetups and consensus is sought.

We are looking for sponsors! With your support, we can do a lot of sweet stuff - get more biolab equipment (and substances!), drill stand, buy scooba for fun'n'cleaning, build disk array and fpga cluster for crypto research, make a simple cnc mill, and so on! If the interested people do not have to cover all the costs, it is also easier to build projects like reprap, drilling machine, ledbar, etc.

There are two possible sponsoring formats:

  • Financial sponsoring - You can give us some money - we will tell you how cool we have spent it, and let you to deduce them from taxes if applicable.
  • Equipment sponsoring - You can lend us some cool equipment - we are likely to play with it, possibly do and publish cool stuff using it, and so on.

What will you get back? Good feeling! Also, we will add a clickable logo for you to the homepage. We can also offer some consulting, repair and similar services on informal basis; however, since we are volunteers doing this in our free time, we promise to do our best but cannot make any hard guarantees.

If you want to help our cause, please let us know at

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