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How to start 3D printing in Brmlab

XXX this guide is heavily outdated, we now have 3 creality 3D printers, default workflow with cura slicer should be OK

brmlab-independent preparation (creating GCODE)

  • download and install slic3r
  • download config files (thx2 Ax) and optimized configs for drevena printer here - names are: filament - ABS_drevo, slicing - drivi
  • get what you want to print - STL acquiring/creating , it's good to print something small at first.
  • start slic3r (gui version) and import configs -
     File -> Load config bundle 
  • load your .stl file

    (above perspective view, “upper left corner”)

  • try
     Export G-code... 

    (right tab, pushbutton)

if everything looks like it is working than you're ready for getting to next stage

brmlab-dependend preparation

  • check if you can connect to printer ( drevena or zluta) , what you probably see (if you sucess) is Octoprint UI, which is running on RPI to which printer is connected.
  • in this step just ask somebody who is already involved in 3d-printing, he'll help you easily from this point. If you don't have account please contact ray or Yan.
  • after you sucesfully and comfortably print with supervising (probably only few prints) you can ask for permission to print alone. Permission will be granted after you will show knowledge crucial for safety and correct printing (you only need to show that you can understand and print by 3d printing cookbook , nothing more). We hope that this procedure will lead to state when you'll find printers in operational state more often than nowadays.
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