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FreeStyle C0ding Contest

FreeStyle C0ding Contest
founder: harvie
depends on:
software license:
hardware license:

~~META: status = suspended &relation firstimage = :project:zavod.jpg ~~


  • harvie can override the jury, refuse task proposals or change anything else (but he cannot win anything)
  • jury member can refuse any task proposal or submission
  • jury member cannot submit (or win)
  • How will jury members rate submissions
    • If they will not meet the requirements give in task definition they will be disqualified
    • Task specific quality of solution will be rated (eg.: how strong compression is achieved)
    • If there will be two or more submissions with same quality, then speed will be rated
      • Using TimeBench (with low nice and ionice value, storing temporary files in ramdisk)
  • Common requirements for all submissions
    • Should work on Debian GNU/Linux
    • Should not need to install or compile any dependencies that are not included in official debian repositories (non-free packages are not supported!)
    • If compilation is needed you have to provide Makefile!
  • If you win you cannot get reward untill all code is publicly available (on web) and this wiki page links on it
  • Winner should make short talk about used alghorithms and programming techniques

Round #1 (status: gathering tasks, deadline: not yet)

Rewards (everyone can offer something)

donator prize
harvie 1st place can choose: Pilsner Beer, Kiss, Harvie's autogram on belly


  • Members
    • Harvie


#1 - SubString optimalization

  • Find shortest string containing all of given (sub)strings (newline separated UTF-8 on STDIN)
    • (shortest string found wins :-)
  • Sample datasets
    • echo {00..99} | tr ' ' '\n'
    • echo {0000..9999} | tr ' ' '\n'
    • for i in {0..1000}; do echo -n $i | md5sum | head -c 5; echo; done
    • for i in {0..1000}; do head -c 1024 /dev/urandom | md5sum | head -c 10; echo; done
    • any other completely random strings
  • Example
    • input: 23, 42, 12, 34
    • output: 12342
  • Background story: hacking ancient answer machines :-)
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