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Join us!

If you are interested to join brmlab officially, great! We heartily welcome anyone excited about brmlab - be it you are enthusiastic about making some great projects or just wanting to support the idea. You do not need to be greatly educated or experienced guru in any field - desire to learn and make cool things is what counts!

Become a Member!

How to Become a Member?

  1. show yourself IRL at a couple of our Meetups to get accepted. We usually want a new member to come and introduce himself several times before we approve a membership request. Just feel free to come by and hack stuff
  2. subscribe to our mailing list using the address from the above step
    • go to this page and follow the instructions
  3. register on this wiki via this link
  4. send email to brmlab council with the following details:
    real name and surname:
    phone number (cellular if possible):
    email address:
    year of birth:
    GPG key (optional):

    We do not check any ID unless there is a good cause to do so, e.g. you want to make a tax-deductible donation, want a student discount, or want to be in brmlab council. The phone may be used to contact you e.g. during some IRL event organized by brmlab.

  5. create your user page - just go to url where “foo” is your username, click [Create page] (you may need to became a member first, to get rights to edit user section)
  6. once accepted you will receive a numerical ID which is used to pay your membership fee (bank accounts are listed at this page)
    • monthly membership fee is:
      • 1000 CZK or 40 EUR for regular members
      • 250 CZK or 10 EUR for students, seniors and people with handicap (in this case we want to see some confirmation of study)
      • 0 for time travellers

This might seem a lot! however, we just have to pay rent and other expenses; we are striving to make sure that the service you will get for your money will totally be worth it

Why Become a Member?

By joining brmlab you gain these benefits among other things:

  • good feeling that you are supporting awesome things we do :-)
  • access to hackerspace and all of its Equipment 24/7
  • chance to visit other hackerspaces all around the world. hackerspace members enjoy visiting each others. Beeing a member of one of the hackerspaces raising your chance beeing heartily welcomed in similar groups around the globe.
  • voting right, participate on community decisions, decide what will our resources be used for, get chance to influence and shape brmlab future
  • chance to get financial support for your project
  • access to links to non-public information, books and other information resources
  • e-mail alias
  • access to network resources like ChaosVPN and
  • we regularly team up on other orders from various e-shops to save on shipping costs
  • discount on buying hardware
  • discount for various events
  • your self-driven participation on space operation is also expected (organize a talk, workshop, cleaning space, maintaining various things needed, etc).
  • vaše výhoda na pracovním trhu. Vhodné mimo jiné i pro studenty bez praxe. Vašeho potenciálního zaměstnavatele ve Vašem CV jistě zaujme, že se aktivně věnujete konkrétním projektům, že jsou vidět výsledky vaší práce, že jste někdy nějaký projekt rozjeli, realizovali a dokončili.
  • možnost snížení daňového základu pro výpočet ročního zůčtování daně z příjmu. Na ročním zúčtování daně můžete ušetřit sta až tisíce Kč. (dle zákona č. 586/1992 Sb., § 15 odst. 1)
  • …and more in the future, of course! bring your own ideas.

Get Involved!

Just start hacking! Nothing is stopping you! :-)

It is good idea to register on our wiki (here), sign up yourself as interested in projects you think are cool, create pages for other projects you'd like to work on, subscribe to the mailing list, check out the IRC, stop by at our meetups… but most importantly, discuss your ideas and hack freely!

You certainly do not have to be an official member, pay fees etc. to participate in brmlab. Even non-members are welcome to come to meetups and other events, participate on and even create their own projects, and discuss matters on mailing lists or IRC. You just miss out on few things if you are not a member, and if you are an active participant and you can afford the membership fees, we would encourage you to become an official member to participate better and also help support brmlab existence (paying rent and services, essential equpiment, …).

You can also support the hackerspace by giving smaller one-off donations if you cannot become an official member.

Why Get Involved?

By getting involved in brmlab you gain these benefits among other things:

  • a chance to meet interesting people with the same hobbies and interests as you
  • a chance to learn great stuff from other people
  • a chance to teach other people stuff you know or would like to share
  • a chance to make awesome projects
  • make use of shared community resources
  • get help from others
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