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3d printing cookbook


  • check status of printers here
  • go to HWlab
  • check physically that printers are good to go (filament is on place, bed is nicely covered with homogenous thin layer of glue, bed and axis are moving freely)
  • check Z axis position.
  • set temperature of bed and extruder (guide here), wait for temperature stabilization.
  • if you´re not sure try to extrude 5mm of filament (EXTRUDER MUST BE HOT)
  • start printing and check if the Z axis is OK - if not do a “quick-z-fix” on go and report to 3D printing mentor.

In process

  • it´s good to check “once upon a time” if everything is okay - temperature ok, no overheat, printed object sits on bed and don “walks around nozzle”, object looks like it should etc
  • if something goes wrong, stop printing. If something goes really wrong, pull the printer out of electricity. In any case contact 3D printing mentor, do not try to repair it yourself unless you're instructed otherwise, mentor know that * * * * happens someday and it's not shame to ask for fix.

After printing [czech]

  • uklidit bordel kolem a na reprapu (kousky filamentu, kousky vytištěného filamentu a.t.p.)
  • zkontrolovat že je vypnutý bed a vypnuté vyhřívání trysky
  • v případě že tam zbývá malý kousek filamentu filament vyměnit (v rámci pravidla “be excellent to each other”) popř. požádát zodpovědného a zkušeného člena o výměnu a odzkoušení
  • v případě závady/poruchy na tiskárně poruchu nahlásit zkušenému členovi a položit lísteček na tiskárnu s popisem problému, v případě že víte co děláte samozřejmě poruchu opravit
  • zvaž si výtisk a zaplať (člen - 2 Kč/g, nečlen 5 Kč/g , tím je zajištěno že jsou peníze na filamenty a případné opravy)

After printing [en - short version]

  • clean up the mess
  • turn off heating (bed, extruder)
  • do not leave few cm of filament in printer, install new filament
  • if it broke or you broke it - nevermind, * * * * happens. Report it and leave a note on printer

* dont forget to weight extruded plastic and pay for it (2 CZK/g if you´re member, 5 CZK/g for non-member)

Bed preparation

  • if there is printed object on bed put it in plastic box under drevena printer
  • Unify layer of glue by slightly (!!!) wet sponge.
  • If you use PLA you can use carbon bed.
  • If there is too little of glue or you're printing something with unstable base put a little amount of glue on bed.
  • If you're printing something with bad adhesion from ABS use ABS/acetone juice.
  • If you're printing more ABS parts in series unify layer with pure acetone, dont put too much of juice on glass plate or you'll only end up with dirty glass.
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