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founder: biiter
depends on:
interested: tlapka
software license: -
hardware license: -



Goal of this project is to assemble a low cost device containing mechanics and optics for laser module that creates visual effects to the music. Brain of the device is stellaris or lpc1343 that runs FFT on the audio input and creates a laser audio visualisation. Both stellaris and lpc1343 are able to receive commands from the PC .

Brains & Hands needed

component task who
brain code biiter
electronics generic design/wiring tlapka
case reprap design ?
mechanics design/assemble tlapka

List of components and functions

component pcs/device function URL available alternative
laser 1 light source
vibration motor 1 seizure
servos 1 pan tilt @axtheb
electromagnet 1 zoom ???
diffraction grating 2 effect multiplication, zoom, randomization nebo broken CD's
lpc1343/stellaris brain FFT – automagic music visualization



  • It will be easier to shake with the grating instead of the laser module. @pasky
  • Nobody wants *duino. Consider lpc1343 or stellaris. @pasky @tlapka
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