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founder: jirka-v
depends on:
software license: -
hardware license: -

~~META: status = done &relation firstimage = :project:buildwatch-logo-small.png ~~

Purpose of the project is to create a device that shows status of the last build performed on continuous integration server. This sort of devices is called “extreme feedback device” and while many such devices can be found on the web (lava lamps, lights with batman-sign, ambient orbs, water fountains,…) they all seemed to be complicated or expensive.

another extreme feedback devices:


  • show at least 3 colors (everything OK, failing tests, compilation errors)
  • glowing effect when tests are failing or compilation error occurs - nobody can take color blindness as excuse then.
  • device cannot be connected to the network directly but can be attached to Windows PC that may run 24/7.
  • make it simple (and not expensive)


Device is connected to the PC that periodically runs powershell script. Script gets build results from Jenkins CI via REST API and sends signal to the arduino.


Note: I tried LEDs with higner luminous intensity (100000 mcd) and narrower viewing angle (15°) but overall result is better with weaker LEDs (400 mcd) that have wider viewing angle (150°).



Thanks to stick, Nephirus and Mrkva for hints

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