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Vertical Hydroponics Plants Gardens and Insect Farm in Brmlab Hackerspace

Project Description

Using hydroponics principles in a compact vertical layout, this project combines sustainable methods of growing microgreens, lettuce, etc. The cultivation benefits both people and provides a sustainable food source for mealworms and grasshoppers in appropriate insect-rearing boxes.

The entire system runs eco-friendly, receiving energy from Brmlab's solar panels.

System Overview

Hydroponic Technology: This vertical farm utilizes a gravity-fed system in which nutrient-rich water is circulated from the top to ensure even distribution and then collected at the bottom.

Solar Power: Our vertical farm's water pump is powered by solar panels, which is an environmentally friendly choice. This ensures minimal reliance on traditional electricity and emphasizes our commitment to sustainability.

Produce and Livestock: We grow nutrient-rich greens, which in turn are used as feed for our colony of mealworms, ants and grasshoppers. This cyclical system emphasizes a holistic approach to urban farming.


  • To ensure continuous production of fresh herbs within the city limits.
  • Develop a sustainable insect-rearing module integrated with plant cultivation.
  • Educate community members about the possibilities of vertical farming and sustainability of protein sources from insects.
  • Continuously optimize the system to maximize yield with minimal resources.

Current Progress

  • Phase 1: Initial system design and implementation - In Progress.
  • Phase 2: Finalization of insect rearing and care methods - In Planning.
  • Phase 3: Public engagement and educational sessions - In Planning.


  • Members of Brmlab: For technical support, resources, and facilities.
  • Local Agricultural Experts: For optimizing plant growth and insect-rearing techniques.
  • Local Universities: For engaging the student and research community on sustainable nutrient production in urban environments.


  • Brmlab Hackerspace: Serves as the primary place to set up and operate the system.
  • Brmlab Solar Panels: Powering the water pump for the vertical farm.
  • Hydroponic Plant: Complete with all the necessary equipment to grow plants efficiently.
  • Insect Breeding Modules: For breeding and sustaining mealworms and grasshoppers.

Feedback and Community

  • Discussion Forums: Interact with the community on the Telegram channel and Brmlab wiki.
  • Submitting Feedback: Direct feedback and questions via email (

Promising Directions

  • Scale the project to include more plant varieties and insect species.
  • Explore partnerships with local restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Hold regular workshops to familiarize interested parties with the science and practical aspects of vertical hydroponic farming.
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