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Democratic JuKe!Box

Democratic JuKe!Box
founder: harvie
depends on: Place
software license:
hardware license:

~~META: status = planning &relation firstimage = :project:jukebox-elvis.jpg ~~


Create electronic jukebox that will enable us to fairly select music and volume which will play in our hackerspace.


  • jukebox will have separate playlist for each hackerspace member. each member will be able to do whatever he/her wants with that playlist. playlists of other users are read-only.
  • main playlist will get updated each time some user will change his playlist. this main playlist (which will be used to select the song to play and to be shown on display/web interface) will be generated from all user-playlists using some priority algorithms.
  • jukebox will select the playlist of user which have lowest “timestamp” and get first song from it. timestamp of that user will be set to local time when playback of song from his playlist will end (only if player will return TRUE).
  • priority points
    • only songs with >0 priority points will be played.
    • each playlist item will get one priority point when added to playlist (each URL can be in each playlist only once)
    • if one url will be in multiple playlists, points from all playlists will be added together.
    • Capitalism rules the world! You will be enabled to pay any amount of money that is dividable by 10kč. Once you will select that option, the price will be added to your debt record in database. Selected song will get 1 priority point for each 10kč you've payed.
      • Executive power of hackerspace will be enabled to get that money from you whenever it will want (you can pay in € if you do not have czech citizenship && you do not have czech money). if you will not pay in 24hours since you've been asked to do so, you will get banned from jukebox system until you'll pay.
    • For songs with the same priority there will be the “timestamp” democracy system again and system will prioritize user which haven't heard song from his playlist for the longest time.
  • You will be able to select volume of your song in some range (nice ambient music ↔ threshold of pain)
    • You will not be able to change volume of others songs (maybe if you'll pay 15kč)
    • You will be able to change volume of your own songs during playback
    • There will be 30kč penalty for trying to change the volume using some hardware knobs or hacks.
  • There will be song “10 minutes of silence”
  • There will be 10min. limit. Songs longer than 10minutes (Net-Radio streams, Classical music, dance music sets) will get shortened. Random part of song will get selected if it's possible (fade in/out will be used in that case).


  • Playing mp3s/oggs specified by URL
    • There will be also have music library on local server
  • Playing videos from youtube, etc…
  • We have FM Transmitter, so we can broadcast in few meters around the hackerspace


Neprijde mi moc realisticke chtit po lidech vybirat poplatek za hrani hudby nekde kde si bez problemu pripoji sluchatka/repro za par stokorun a pusti si zadarmo hudbu vlastni. Zvlast ne u lidi kteri maji mit hackersky styl mysleni. (ruza)

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