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Circuit Bending

circuit bending
founder: harvie
depends on:
software license:
hardware license:

~~META: status = idea &relation firstimage = :project:bent-guitar.jpg ~~

    1. Get sh*tloads of e-junk
    2. Connect it to power supply
    3. Short circuit it a bit (less or more intentionaly)
    4. Connect two wires with needles on their ends to audio amplifier with speakers
    5. Randomly try to find noise on the PCB using those needles
    6. Add few buttons and pots
    7. Make a NOISEEEEeeeee…

Need your TRASH!

If you have any old electronics that you would othervise throw away, please give it to me for this project.


I've ordered small strobe from china, so once it arrives i can tune it on 10Hz and synchronize the noise with it. And i believe this can make audience in small darkened room of hackerspace pass to their inner hyperspace (or to photosensitive epilepsy shock).


Nicolas Collins VideoLessons (groovy!)



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