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Evidencni SW
founder: blackhead
depends on: common sense
software license:
hardware license:

aka United Hackers Equipment Lending Project SW

Software system for warehouse accounting and tool lending network support.
It's a part of TLN system,

EN: You help
CZ: Ty pomahas


  • Brmlab Hacking places access control
  • TLN equipment tracking & booking
  • securing and tracking of one own's property
  • statistics of tools utilization and so on
  • wanted!
  • maintaining information about member's capabilities and skills

Access Control

It should be fully interconnected with Project Kerberos. The entry system of Brmlab hacking palce will use the U.HELP database for storing ID's.

Equipment tracking

The system will act as the support platform for project Tool Lending Network. So you can find the thing you need and ask the actual user for lending, place booking for that thing, or just to see where your thing's are just right now.


Everyone shall see who and how much uses lab, tools, others, how much things is ready to use… System should inform the one who booked something, when it is brought back to the lab. Even when the tool is in the lab it should be booked. Use it in the lab but before taking it home with you, check the booking system. Someone should come to pick it up in the lab later.


There should be database of wanted things which are not in our hands yet. You should book something that doesn't exist. Just to let others know that you NEED it. ;-)


TLN project page still has it's reason - the official TLN platform specification and so on…
If you find this project page disturbing or just obfuscating, let me know.

We are at the begining

I will honestly do:

  • design the database structure for U.HELP
  • find, test and offer some RFID and BARCODE readers & RFID tokens
  • build the web front-end application for U.HELP (PHP)

What's to be done:

  • decide: what will be the host server
  • install/configure server for U.HELP
  • implement the U.HELP interface into the BrmWeb


Schema systemu:

Interested? Your thoughts will be appreciated here:


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