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Fun with Wiimote

founder: ruza
depends on:
interested: pasky
software license:
hardware license:

~~META: status = done &relation firstimage = :project:wiimote.jpg ~~


  • we have a few Wii_Remotes (ruza, pasky)
  • wire up some IR leds
  • port C#/DirectX code to something Linux friendly (e.g. C++/OpenGL) (pasky)
  • enjoy!



We have wiimote instantly powered, using Vishay TSAL6400 LEDs and gtkwhiteboard works fine


  • best InfraRed LEDs for use with WiiMote according to internet forums

IR pen with Vishnay LEDs emits so much IR light, we had to use Scotch tape to absorb light that is surplus


Wii is instantly powered by power adapter


HowTo whiteboard

  • install lswm, gtkwhiteboard and wmgui (“apt-get lswm gtkwhiteboard wmgui” for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)
  • turn your bluetooth on
  • be sure you have the same screen resolution on both, primary (LCD) and secondary (projector) screen. You will have probably problems calibrate gtkwhiteboard properly otherwise.
  • run lswm, follow instructions (press 1+2 on wimote), wait for BD_ADDR (BlueTooth Device Address). probably not needed, but it verifies blutooth connection.
  • run gtkwhiteboard
    • make sure following switches are on
      • [x] Calibrate on start
      • [x] Save options on exit
    • press Start
    • follow instructions (you will define corners of visible space for wiimote by clicking them with IR pen)
    • move your mouse cursor on projected picture by moving and emiting infra light against projection screen from your IR Pen


Pulse oximetry

The Wii Vitality Sensor is a fingertip pulse oximeter sensor that connects through the Wii Remote. It was not released till this time and probably wouldnt be released anyways or in a bad quality. Wii_Vitality_Sensor


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