Our Equipment

There is listed only moust important equipment, we possess a lot of other tools.

prod_disp_3.jpg Blade RF SDR based radio transciever
Electrophoresis Separate fragments of DNA
i862-rozborka1_20140517_063203.jpg IR soldering station For soldering BGA and other microchips
Neophot 32 - professional microscope magnification: 32-2000, dark field, polarization filters, attached cammera, can hold samples up to 5 kg
nortel-450-front.jpg Nortel Baystack 450-24T, 24port
PCB UV Exposure Unit
Open PCR replicate DNA by your own
osciloscope.jpg Osciloscope Tektronix TDS 2002
Laboratorní váha torzní přesnost 0.1 mg, max. zátěž 50 mg

Networking lab

(availability expected soon)

Vyrobce Typ zarizeni Seriove cislo Sklad
Cisco 7204VXR 21274468, JAF1529ATBD
Cisco 7204VXR 29497751, JAB110202DB
Cisco WS-C4503 FOX070902JZ
Cisco WS-C4503 FOX070423RA
Cisco C7304 manual SCA0815000W
Cisco C7304 manual SCA0830007K
Cisco CSS506-SM-Switch-Module-for-CSS11506-150 JAB0719L020
Cisco CSS506-SM-Switch-Module-for-CSS11506-150 JAB0724L00X
3Com 3300TM manual 7MBV524E4F8
Juniper SSG 5 manual 162052009000351
Juniper SSG 5 manual 162052009000099
Avocent DSR 2035 (KVM over IP switch, 32 port) installer/user guide 270120789
Cisco NPE-225 Nema na sobe napsano
Cisco NPE-225 Nema na sobe napsano
Cisco 7206VXR 72963019
H3C H3C S5510 210235A21J0068000007
Planet FNSW-2400S manual 1800351 (001)
Planet SGSW-24040 A930090900082
Dell PowerConnect 3524 CN0CM3082829885F0112
HP ProCurve 2810-24G manual SCN824XI0YG
HP ProCurve 3500yl-25G SG152TFH1K
Mikrotik Mikrotik RB1100 512 MB RAM, 800 MHz, RouterOS L6 29350148D3B4/049
Mikrotik Mikrotik RB1100 512 MB RAM, 800 MHz, RouterOS L6 282D01482B03
DLINK D-Link DGS 3200-24 x Stack cli reference guide P4MT1A5000119
Cisco Cisco WS-C2960-24TC-S FOC1450Y0ZW
Cisco Cisco 881-K9 FCZ145091G2
HP HP A5800-24 G Switch CN11BFN02B
HP HP A-MSR 20-20 Multi - Service Router CN00D080L4
HP HP A5120-24G El Switch CN0BBYR0P0
HP HP A6602 Router Chassis QuickSpecs CN05BHS03K
DELL DELL PowerConnect 6224P Switch CN0HG682282980AE0149A12
DLINK D-Link DGS-3612G Managed Switch P1J21A9000010
NORTEL Nortel BayStack 425-24T Switch LBNNTMMD210450
Allied Allied Telesyn AT - AR750S-50 A03507G102800031 S
Allied Allied Telesyn x900-24XT-00 A039884102500028 M
Cisco Cisco 3925 w/SPE100 3GE Switch FCZ143570HQ
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