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 {{ :​project:​reprap.jpg?​nolink&​350 |}} {{ :​project:​reprap.jpg?​nolink&​350 |}}
-**If you want to start 3D printing in brmlab ​and have your own printing account ​continue to [[project:​reprap:​Firstime|First Time printers HOWTO]].**+**If you want to start 3D printing in brmlabcontinue to [[mk2|Prusa MK2 subsite]] about our main, most user-friendly 3D printer.**
 ===== Quick redirection ===== ===== Quick redirection =====
-[[project:​reprap:​Firstime|First Time printers HOWTO]]- **NEWCOMERS MUST READ!!!**\\ +(most of this is obsolete with regards to our Prusa MK2.) 
-[[project:​reprap:​Anytime|3d printing cookbook]] ​- **READ IF YOU'RE OCASSIONAL USER**\\+ 
 +[[project:​reprap:​Firstime|First Time printers HOWTO]]\\ 
 +[[project:​reprap:​Anytime|3d printing cookbook]]\\
 [[project:​reprap:​Stlcreation|STL acquiring/​creating]]\\ [[project:​reprap:​Stlcreation|STL acquiring/​creating]]\\
 [[project:​reprap:​firstime#​brmlab-independent_preparation_creating_gcode|GCODE creation]]\\ [[project:​reprap:​firstime#​brmlab-independent_preparation_creating_gcode|GCODE creation]]\\
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