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Medlab sono user guide

This simple user manual should be the starting point and a minimal knowledge base for anyone who wants to operate the sonograph in medlab.

Full documentation is available in medlab.

  1. Turn on the red switch on the far left side of the operator panel
  2. Take a look on the panel under the screen - every LED should be on
  3. Do NOT touch any other button in the area
Subject preparation
  1. Undress subject as appropriate
  2. Put some sonogel on the subject where appropriate
  3. Put sono head to the subject, so the insides should be visible on the screen
Object measurements
  1. B mode - depth(y) x longitude(x)
    1. The skin surface is on the top of the screen
    2. Horizontal axis displays centered longitude
  2. M mode - depth (y) x time (x)
    1. Vertical axis is depth
    2. Horizontal axis is time seprated by line each 1 sec
  3. Doppler - TODO
Tips and tricks
  1. Freeze - pause image
    1. Next to Gain (lower right)
  2. Distance measurement
    1. M mode
      1. Cursor is displayed on the screen
      2. Use trackball to navigate to starting point
      3. Press Channel 1
      4. Navigate to the end point
      5. Press Channel 1
      6. (Repeat with Channel 2 is appropriate)
    2. B mode
      1. Basically the same as M mode
  3. Trace
    1. Draw on screen
    2. Trackball on starting point
    3. Channel 1
    4. Trackball draws line
    5. Channel 1 closes the circuit
    6. Repeat with Channel 2 if appropriate
    7. Press Trace again to leave
  4. Ellipse - draw ellipse
    1. Trackball on one end of primary axis
    2. Channel 1
    3. Trackball to the end of primary axis
    4. Channel 1
    5. Use trackball to modify the secondary axis of the ellipse/circle drawn
    6. Repeat with Channel 2 if appropriate
    7. Press Ellipse to leave
  5. Notes - Type text on screen
    1. Press Char
    2. Trackball on position
    3. Type the text
    4. Repeat ^^
    5. Compatible with measurement mode
    6. Press Char to clear the text

Recording: the machine has composite video output. There is an USB grabber connected. Use mplayer to view and something like cheese (from Gnome) to capture, or VLC to view and capture/encode/store at once.

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