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Kilovoltik is semi-professional muscle stimulator which is using the nerves as part of an electric circuit.

The device operates at 24V with user controllable current in range <0-45> mA. The user can select either AC or DC; both modes have multiple signal profiles and adjustable frequency.

The device has built-in battery and can't operate while charging - there is only one (overloaded) connector both for electrodes (to be placed on the subject) and the power cable.

General safety precautions

  • Do not run the current across the chest, for example connecting one electrode to the left arm and the other to the right arm or an arm and a leg is not a good idea.
  • All modes that are depicted with a non-zero DC component (i.e. all modes except “TENS” and “IF”) really have a non-zero DC component. This may cause electrolysis and other nasty things – do not use it unless you know what you are doing. The “TENS” and “IF” modes should be safe.

Principles of Operation

  1. Prerun check:
    • Batteries: As battery charged (see the LED)? If not, charge before use.
  2. Disconnect power cable
  3. Connect electrodes to the subject:
    • One electrode under an joint (pod kloubem)
    • Second over the same joint (nad kloubem)
    • Connect the cable to the machine
  4. Power ON:
    • Switch it on (back plane)
  5. Setup:
    • Select wave profile (most left group)
      1. Check the “Error” diode NOT to shine
      2. For newbies, the TENS(n) is good 1st choise
    • Select the frequency (center; if applicable)
      1. How often the pulse should go (Hz)
    • Select wave length (right, if applicable)
      1. How long the wave should be (obviously this mutiplied by grequency can't be > 1s)
    • If the Error LED is shining:
      1. Check if the subject is corectly connected
      2. Especially girl's skin have higher resistance due to usage of makeups, you can clean them using pure ethanol (flask on the shelf with “Etoh” label)
      3. Switch electrodes (or use “crocodiles” for better attachment to the skin)
  6. Operation:
    • Use “+” and “-” controls next to the right display to increase/decrease current intensity (step 1 mA)
Use “STOP” button under the current controls to quickly nullify the current.
Do NOT raise the current over 35 mA for long time, it can harm the nerves. Do NOT go over 42 mA even for short time on small muscles, over short time on big ones.
  1. Power OFF:
    • Set the current to zero
    • Disconnect the subject
    • Connect another subject (optional)
    • Switch off the device (back panel)
    • Connect the power cable
Its OK, you can breathe
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