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Radio - MC9620 G2

Battery pinout

Radio battery pinout. Pins are numbered from left to right when the contacts on battery are closer to You.

  1. GND (shortened pin)
  2. GND
  3. Thermistor (measure resistace against GND)
  4. Bat+
  5. SMBus Clock (connect to bq2040 or other Gas gauge I2C chip)
  6. SMBus Data (connect to bq2040 or other Gas gauge I2C chip)
  7. 1-wire data line - connected to chip with unique serial number like DS2400/DS2401
  8. N/C

Dummy battery

In order to replace battery or make fake one You need to connect power lines and the 1-wire chip providing unique ID. Station will turn on, report bad battery but should work.

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