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Radio repeater

The goal is to obtain license from the Czech telecommunication office and run NBFM repeater in 2m band.

Legal parameters:

  • Allowed are NFM voice and AFSK data.
  • Allowed to operate are employees and brmlab members.
  • The transmitter is located in Střešovice.
  • The operation is allowed 25 kilometers around Malostranské náměstí. This covers entire Prague and Jílové, Říčany, Úvaly, Brandýs, Neratovice, Veltrusy, Kralupy, Velvary, Kladno, Loděnice, Řevnice and Davle. This does not cover Mníšek, Beroun, Slaný, Mělník and Čelákovice. We are sorry, but broader coverage would cost excessive money.
  • Allowed TX power is 10 W (40 dBmW) EIRP.
  • License permits 20 handheld stations and 10 stations in vehicles.


  • Obtain all the paperwork: WIP (by Harvie and Jim)
  • Acquire radio: Done (by TomSuch)
  • Program radio: Done
  • Acquire duplexer: Done
  • Tune duplexer: SPECZ, Jenda, drsnik
  • Acquire first stage RF filters:
  • Create antenna: Jenda, drsnik, SPECZ
  • Create software: Jenda

We hope we will be operational in spring 2016.

The software should implement advanced features like mailbox, predefined mails/HTTP requests etc. The whole thing should be UPSed allowing for 24 hours of operation without external power supply.

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