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Třitchoři - a radio reconnaissance tool

This tool is in a very initial phase of development (read: I've written most of the code tonight).

Třitchoři is a radio reconnaissance tool for rtl-sdr-based software-defined radios. Given reasonably modern computer (Pentium 4+), it can scan the spectrum at over 1000 channels per second (compare with commercial ones). It provides both fast spectrum survey for tactical operations and long-term autonomous monitoring of radio situation. Moreover, several machines running Třitchoři can be linked into a scanning cluster for either faster scanning or more accurate results. Once the signal is found, it is recorded and metadata are saved into SQL database. Several decoders (analogue speech, narrowband data, digital Tetra/TRBO) are then run and type of the signal is recognized. Scanner operator can then flag the signal as “not interesting” (e.g. public radio broadcast) and it will be skipped in future runs or “interesting” and its recording will be prioritized.

The captured spectral data can be visualized in fancy whole-spectrum images. This is both cool and can be used as a poor man's spectrum analyzer.

Implementation status

  • script for config and arguments handling, frequency generation and radio control
  • database schema
  • database interface FIXME
  • better peak detection FIXME
  • signal recognition FIXME
  • speech detection FIXME
  • scheduled recording FIXME
  • cluster interface FIXME


python 90-100 420-430

Getting the source

There is a git repo or you can browse gitweb.

solve prereq: pip install pyrtlsdr

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