Radio MC9600 G1

Battery pinout

Pin no. Description
1 Power + 7.8 V
2 Power GND
3 ?
4 Battery detection, connected to GND using 470 Ω when battery present
5 ?
6 ?

Programing and handsfree connector

This is the strange connector on top of the radio. Press connector top cover hard to open it.

Pins are numbered counterclockwise starting from the notch on radio side of the connector.

Pin no. Description
1 /debug enable
3 audio ?in/out?
4 audio ?in/out?
5 audio ?in/out?
6 12 V power supply input for flash programing
7 GND ???
8 serial 1 TX (5V, 19200 baud)
9 serial 1 RX (5V, 19200 baud)
10 5V output
11 serial 2 TX ???
12 serial 2 RX ???

In order to enable debug mode turn the radio off, tie pin 1 to ground and turn it on.

Serial port 1 is used for station programing using proprietary protocol. The same port is used by bootloader but the protocol probably differes (?).

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