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founder: tomsuch
depends on:
interested: ray
software license: GPLv2+
hardware license: CC BY-SA

Project Incubator

In order to enable us to do some basic bio-experimenting like the project below, we need (apart from other things) some form of controlled environment. This would enable us to grow plant samples, breed bacteria cultures etc. with a larger chance of success. The idea is to convert one part of the storage space into a form of incubator. It is going to be largely a trial-and-error process - eg. we start with insulating the space, add a light source, a thermometer, and - if possible - something to regulate humidity and temperature. Some ventilation including dust filtering etc. would be nice too. If this gets hooked to Hind3, the lab PC, it should be possible to write some software to control the environment within the incubator.

What we already have

  • Portable fridge - this can cool down to approx. 15 K below ambient temperature. For lower temperatures, we have to either lower the ambient temperature somehow or make a fridge-in-a-fridge box, that will make greater temperature difference.

What needs to be done

  • Fasten the storage scaffold onto the wall to make it stable
  • Light source. chido has a broken desk lamp which could be used in the beginning, but it might be too small/not the right spectrum. Needs investigating.

If you are interested to partake in this project, have ideas for how to proceed, or want to donate material, contact anoone interested in Project Biolab! Any help appreciated.

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