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name: Petr Baudiš
phone: 776584544
irc nick: pasky

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Bootstraping Space Colonization

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I'm a wannabe researcher (PhD student) in the field of Artifical Intelligence and I enjoy hacking cool projects. I'm also a freelancer (chiefly Linux system programming and machine learning jobs) and you can buy my consulting / coding / training services. :-) I have long teaching experience at the Charles University and recently the Czech Technical University; I might be able to teach you something about algorithms or Linux programming too.

My ultimate long-term goal is to either make at least tiny progress towards general artificial intelligence (a little bit of science fiction yet at this point), and/or help to further humanity's permanent presence in space (which is not science fiction anymore). If you are building an orbital or moon base or involved in some groundwork leading to that, I'm interested!

brmlab activities

I'm a software hacker also enthusiastic about human-computer interaction and with interest in hardware control and robotics. I'm also organizing and holding various lectures and workshops and will gladly help you with programming / computer science related problems.

In order to be able to more focus on some interesting AI problems (NLP, Computer Go, algorithm portfolios, …), I had to tone down my brmlab activities significantly. But as of summer 2014, you can still see me in brmlab several days in a week.

Willing to do some amount of administrativa and infrastructure (improving + documenting our tools and equipment - I care about documentation a lot and will gladly help you with wiki-documenting your project or piece of equipment you brought).

Currently, I'm involved mainly in these projects (in order of priority - which is somewhat fluid):

I have done a large portion of and/or want to eventually go back to:

I like to contribute to:

If you got the ball rolling, I'd probably try to contribute to:

I was involved with e.g. these events:

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