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Alteon AD3



Factory reset

  1. connect via serial cable (9600 8N1 NOR)
  2. do cold boot using power switch on the back of the box
  3. during first messages scrolling on the terminal press <Esc>. Default password is “admin”.
  Boot version
  Press <esc> for maintenance kernel
  Booting maintenance kernel...
  Enter administrator password: 
  Maintenance Kernel Version 8.0.30 Time:  4:37:08 Sun Mar 26, 2017
  [Main Menu]
        diag    - Diagnostics
        boot    - Boot menu
        cfg     - Configuration Menu
        debug   - Debugging Menu
  >> Main# boot
  [Boot Options Menu]
        reset   - Reset switch
        image   - Select software image to use on reset
        conf    - Select config block to use on next boot
  >> Boot Options# conf
  Currently set to use active config block on next boot.
  Specify new block to use ["active"/"backup"/"factory"]:  factory
  Next boot will use factory default config block instead of active.
  >> Boot Options# reset 
  Resetting switch ...
  Boot version
  Press <esc> for maintenance kernel....
  Alteon AD3 
  Rebooted because of power cycle.
  Booting complete  4:51:55 Sun Mar 26, 2017:
    Version from FLASH image1, factory default config block.
  Enter password: 
  System Information at  4:52:16 Sun Mar 26, 2017
  Alteon AD3
  Switch is up 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 21 seconds.
  Last boot:  4:51:55 Sun Mar 26, 2017 (power cycle)
  MAC address: 00:60:cf:46:a1:e0    IP (If 1) address:
  Hardware Revision: B
  Hardware Part No: B04_5A-D_7B-A
  Software Version (FLASH image1), factory default configuration.
  The switch is booted with factory default configuration.
    To ease the configuration of the switch, a "Set Up" facility which 
    will prompt you with those configuration items that are essential 
    to the operation of the switch is provided.
  Would you like to run "Set Up" to configure the switch? [y/n] 
  [Main Menu]
        info    - Information Menu
        stats   - Statistics Menu
        cfg     - Configuration Menu
        oper    - Operations Command Menu
        boot    - Boot Options Menu
        maint   - Maintenance Menu
        diff    - Show pending config changes  [global command]
        apply   - Apply pending config changes [global command]
        save    - Save updated config to FLASH [global command]
        revert  - Revert pending or applied changes [global command]
        exit    - Exit  [global command, always available]
  >> Main# save
  No changes need saving, but since the last boot used the
   factory default configuration, this save will write that
   configuration out to FLASH as the "active" config block.
  Request will first copy the FLASH "active" config to "backup",
   then overlay FLASH "active" with new config.
  Confirm saving to FLASH [y/n]: y
  New config successfully saved to FLASH.
  Switch is currently set to use factory default config block on next boot.
  Do you want to change that to the active config block? [y/n] y
  Next boot will use active config block.
  >> Main# maint
  [Maintenance Menu]
        sys     - System Maintenance Menu
        fdb     - Forwarding Database Manipulation Menu
        debug   - Debugging Menu
        arp     - ARP Cache Manipulation Menu
        route   - IP Route Manipulation Menu
        uudmp   - Uuencode FLASH dump
        ptdmp   - tftp put FLASH dump to tftp server
        cldmp   - Clear FLASH dump
        panic   - Dump state information to FLASH and reboot
        tsdmp   - Tech support dump
  >> Maintenance# panic
  Confirm dump and reboot [y/n]: y
  Starting system dump...done.
  Rebooting at  4:55:40 Sun Mar 26, 2017...


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