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3com 3300 TM

Management (serial)

  • connect to management
    • null-modem cable on the Console port, 19200 8N1, no hw flow, sw flow yes
    • 1x/2x [enter] for a login prompt.
    • telnet to a known TCP/IP address. 1x/2x [enter] for a login prompt.
  • login:
    • admin/(no password)
    • security/security
Login: admin

Menu options: -------------3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3300TM--------------
 bridge             - Administer bridging/VLANS
 ethernet           - Administer Ethernet ports
 feature            - Administer system features
 ip                 - Administer IP
 logout             - Logout of the Command Line Interface
 snmp               - Administer SNMP
 system             - Administer system-level functions

Type ? for help.
----------------------------------Switch 3300TM (1)---------------------
Select menu option: system
Select menu option: (system) display
----------------------------------Switch 3300TM (1)---------------------
Select menu option (system): display
3Com SuperStack 3
System Name             : Switch 3300TM
Location                : 
Contact                 : 

Time Since Reset                : 0 Hrs 2 Mins 43 Seconds
Operational Version             : 2.60
Hardware Version                : 0
Boot Version                    : 1.00
MAC Address                     : 00:04:0b:24:e4:f8
Product Number                  : 3C16986A
Serial Number                   : 7MBV524E4F8

Factory reset

  • to reset factory defaults, type SYSTEM[enter] then type INITIALIZE[enter]. This will reset everything that has been set up on the switch, with the exception of the TCP/IP address, if there is one. All other previous configurations will need to be re-entered.
Select menu option (system): INITIALIZE
Initializes the system to factory defaults and causes a reset.
Do you wish to continue (yes,no) [no]: yes

You can type in username “3comcso” and password “RIP000”. It will ask you to reinitialize the switch. This will reset all settings including passwords.

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