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Caloric vestibular stimulation - CVS


Cold or warm water or air is irrigated into the external auditory canal, usually using a syringe. The temperature difference between the body and the injected water creates a convective current in the endolymph of the nearby horizontal semicircular canal. Hot and cold water produce currents in opposite directions and therefore a horizontal nystagmus in opposite directions.[4] In patients with an intact brainstem: If the water is warm (44°C or above) endolymph in the ipsilateral horizontal canal rises, causing an increased rate of firing in the vestibular afferent nerve. This situation mimics a head turn to the ipsilateral side. Both eyes will turn toward the contralateral ear, with horizontal nystagmus to the ipsilateral ear. If the water is cold, relative to body temperature (30°C or below (ice water)), the endolymph falls within the semicircular canal, decreasing the rate of vestibular afferent firing. The eyes then turn toward the ipsilateral ear, with horizontal nystagmus (quick horizontal eye movements) to the contralateral ear. Absent reactive eye movement suggests vestibular weakness of the horizontal semicircular canal of the side being stimulated.

Planned use

vestibular system **DONE**

body preception

  • changing body preception potentional useful method for induction Out of body experience DONE

update note: effect lasting to short :( for OOBE aplication


( this method also changig activation of various brain parts)

  • switching between hemispeheres
  • modulation of brain part/function


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