OS/400 instalace OS

Po vyprseni bezplatne licence je treba pro znovupouziti nutno smazat disky a ASP v DST modu.

Instalation media

no-charge parts or licensed programs (B29xx_02 - B29xx_08)

To install no-charge optional parts of OS/400 or no-charge licensed programs, load OS/400 media volumes B29xx_02 through B29xx_08 (29xx indicates the national language feature code for the primary language of your system).

  • B2995 01 - OS/400 base system
  • B2995 02 - QGPL, QUSRSYS, libs
  • BASE LIC MACH CODE (I_BASE_01 Licensed Internal Code for OS/400)

Keyed products (L29xx_01 - L29xx_02)

To install keyed products, load the volumes labeled L29xx_01 and L29xx_02.

Priced features (F29xx_01)

To install priced features of OS/400 or licensed program products, load the volume labeled F29xx_01.


  • 02995 04 - TCP/IP
  • D2995 01 - ?


… starts with “B2995 01” media, follows with “B2995 02”.

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