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 (or at least engraver, at this time…) (or at least engraver, at this time…)
 +===== Project status =====
 +An XY robot from scanner and matrix printer was built and 1W laser was attached to it. It is not powerful enough to cut, but brmlab logo has been engraved into plastics (member'​s laptops and mobile phones) and wood. The device was dismantled after some time.
 +Currently, some members have their own cutters from China and some have powerful laser and plan to build a cutter, however no activity in this project has been observed recently.
 **[[http://​jenda.hrach.eu/​brm/​lasic/​photos/​|PHOTOS]]** **[[http://​jenda.hrach.eu/​brm/​lasic/​photos/​|PHOTOS]]**
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     * Fiber Coupled Laser Diode     * Fiber Coupled Laser Diode
       * approx 0.5 - 8W of power       * approx 0.5 - 8W of power
-      * cheap (1W for $99)+      * cheap (1W IR Laser Diode for 99 USD)
       * requires single lens to colimate (well as every other laser does)       * requires single lens to colimate (well as every other laser does)
       * eg.: http://​www.ebay.com/​itm/​1-Watt-Fiber-Coupled-IR-Laser-Diode-Burns-made-by-SDL-/​390062848432       * eg.: http://​www.ebay.com/​itm/​1-Watt-Fiber-Coupled-IR-Laser-Diode-Burns-made-by-SDL-/​390062848432
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