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     * [[https://​github.com/​cyber5tar86/​DMRlink|DMRlink]] - Motorola MotoTRBO IPSC Client     * [[https://​github.com/​cyber5tar86/​DMRlink|DMRlink]] - Motorola MotoTRBO IPSC Client
     * [[https://​github.com/​pd0mz/​go-dmr|go-dmr]] - Golang Digital Mobile Radio protocols.     * [[https://​github.com/​pd0mz/​go-dmr|go-dmr]] - Golang Digital Mobile Radio protocols.
 +    * [[https://​www.rtl-sdr.com/​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=3&​t=5057&​start=100|OpenEar]]
   * Firmware reversing projects:   * Firmware reversing projects:
     * [[https://​github.com/​travisgoodspeed/​md380tools|md380tools]]     * [[https://​github.com/​travisgoodspeed/​md380tools|md380tools]]
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